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This site is designed to help people of different talent levels find the tools they need to become great writers. Everyone has it in them to tell great stories and to write content that moves people. I hope that you find what you need on this blog, and that your writing improves because of it.

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167951_528427882060_7251777_nRob Fike

Rob is an aspiring author who has been working at CityChurch for ten years as a video editor, graphic designer and copywriter. He is husband to his lovely wife, Damaris, and dad to his daughter, Thea.

Rob is currently writing a series of mystery-crime novels around a private detective and a shadowy organization trying to destroy his city. He’s also writing a Young Adult, Sci-Fi/Fantasy series – The Department for Mutated Persons – which you can read at his website: www.robfike.com

You can also follow Rob on Twitter @robfike


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