Corey D. Truax

Welcome to a weekend in the QE household.  It’s blistering hot outside (100 Fahrenheit) and with our baby boy not being impervious to the heat, we are trapped in the house.  Given our confinement, my wife and I have spent some time watching what I classify as, “terribly cheesy television shows.”  Truth be told, I have found myself guiltily enjoying them too.

Death.jpgThese cheesy shows range in content, but they all feature “important” and distinct kinds of conflict.  The use of conflict is what causes the viewer to give a hoot about what is happening to those characters.  What is interesting to me, is each of these types of conflict revolve around a kind of death.

This bring me to James Scott Bell, an author who has written a number of very useful books on the craft of writing.  In his book, Conflict & Suspense, he implanted…

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