Corey D. Truax

semicolon funny.pngMany writers avoid semicolons, with the exception of using them to make winking smiley faces.  Is it any wonder?  After all, the thing looks like a colon and a comma got drunk and had a baby.

I wouldn’t be writing about semicolons today, but I have received a couple emails inquiring about them (which was random, but very flattering).  I thought I would take a crack at explaining the usage here for me to reference in the future.

Note*  There are more uses for semicolons than what I will cover today, but these examples address the specific questions I was asked.  Semicolons can be confusing enough without me dumping out 1000+ words.

For me, it was a long time before I ever understood what the heck a semicolon did.  It seemed every time I saw one used in writing, a period could have worked just as…

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