Lucy Mitchell

The Curse of the Dull Filler Chapter

When we set out to write our literary masterpieces we swear blind that our book will not contain a mid-novel dull filler chapter. We shake our heads and tell ourselves that every single chapter willbe meaningful and propel the story forward so there will be no need for filler chapters or as they are sometimes called ‘literary fluff’.

If only this was the case – sigh!

So we make all these bold claims about not having to turn to using a dull filler chapter and then desperation strikes! It is like the dull filler chapter sits and waits for us in the shadows, getting ready to pounce when we feel vulnerable.

Here are some situations where we find ourselves resorting to using a dull filler chapter:

  1. Our draft has not met our word count expectations. We stare glumly at the word counter wishing it would magically increase. It…

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