the whirly girl

teacherWhen I see an outline, I see a fussy little despot. On a good day, I’ll see a To Do list. But either way, it’s a buzz kill and not the helpful, practical tool everyone believes. Let me explain why.

Like you, I was introduced to outlines in a 5th grade English class. I didn’t like them from the get-go. All the fancy, highfalutin talk about logical ordering and overviews, about organizing ideas and grouping thoughts was malarkey. It was more work, plain and simple. I liked the sound of ideas, that was promising, but the gibberish about logic was off-putting. You see, there isn’t a logical bone in my body.

Besides, I’m a spur-of-the-moment girl — oh, why lie? I’m slapdash. I go where my mind takes me, I don’t plan. Or predict. Or have the vaguest notion where I’m headed.* I just pick up a pencil and, puttputtputtputt, off I go. My brain…

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