Corey D. Truax

Gee QE, for a person with editor in your blog handle you don’t talk about editing much.”  All right, let’t talk about editing today.  Freelance editing specifically.

When I started freelance editing, it was chaotic.  This is likely because I started on websites like Upwork and Freelancer.  It was the literary equivalent of stepping onto the sands of an ancient arena.

gladiator battle

Despite your past glories (editing chops) when you step onto those cyber sands, you are just a nameless slave.  So you build a stately resume to stand out.  You talk about all those days spent swinging swords in your homeland, and offer examples of battles won.

Unfortunately for you, the arena is already populated by seasoned and deadly gladiators who have proven their valor time and time again.  You realize quickly, despite what you’ve done in the real world, once you step into the…

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