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​Now, I’m no expert, and about half I know about Haikus comes from a funny clip in Avatar: The Last Airbender where a character stumbles into a poetry school, and has a duel of words with the teacher, as all the students are laughing at him.

But anyways, based on my knowledge from that, and some book I read in school about poetry, I’m here to tell you how to write Haikus.

STEP 1: Come up with an idea. Just like when you’re writing stories, you can get writer’s block, so make sure you have a clear understanding about what you’re going to write, or you’re just gonna fail. Like I did the first time 😀

STEP 2: 5-7-5. Here’s the difficult part. After you have your idea, you have to kinda change your words around and find synonyms for words. Let’s say this is your original idea:

I have…

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