Novelty Revisions


There is only one circumstance in which I will purposefully avoid writing when I lack the inspiration to do so, and that’s when I’m heading over to YouTube to watch a specific set of videos I have saved for this exact purpose.

Three of the four are short, they are effective, and I wanted to share them with you, in case you are feeling stuck but want (or need) to get some writing done this morning.

1. People opening John Green’s new book (2012)

I first watched this video during my first (and at this point only) binge-watch of eight years’ worth of Vlogbrothers videos from start to current. Part of the reason I’d decided to do something that reckless was because I was in a writing slump. I don’t know exactly why this video inspired me so much. The many squeals of excitement? Hank almost telling John he loved him…

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