Scrivener, a mainstay writing app for mac, now has an iOS version as well. Coming July 20. Here’s a review of its mobile version.

A Study In Silver

Yes, this is really what Scrivener iOS looks like. Yes, this is really what Scrivener iOS looks like. At last! Yes, that is the real deal — the Scrivener iOS Golden Master, which will be live on the App Store on July 20, retailing for $19.99 USD. It will sync with brand-new, free upgrades of Mac Scrivener and Windows Scrivener, which will be live before iOS Scrivener goes live in the App Store.

I’ve been testing this app since early April. I was once a professional software developer, and software QA engineer for commercial retail apps. I know what a clean, almost bug-free, release is, versus a buggy release that will need four updates to clean up the “unexpected results.”

Scrivener iOS is clean. If it were physical, it would squeak like a window cleaner commercial. It has been weeks since any problem was reported that would result in data loss. We were down to discussions of how to…

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