The folks over at Write to Done (@WriteToDone) have an excellent article on the benefits of writing earlier in the day. On top of that they also have tips on how to write in the morning. These tips are important for anyone trying to take their writing to the next level.

Here’s a quick look at some of the content: the benefits of writing early.

  1. It’s quiet. For me, that’s super important. There’s no better time than when the world is still asleep.

  2. Work hasn’t gotten in the way. By mid-morning or afternoon, a ton of stuff has come up that must be done now … pushing back the writing. First thing in the morning, nothing has come up to push back my writing.

  3. Life hasn’t gotten in the way. It’s not just work that pushes back writing, but everyday stuff, like errands and paying bills and parties and family and kids. If you wait until the evening to write, what happens when a social engagement comes up that evening? Writing gets postponed.